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Sunday, August 27, 2000

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Bus tickets and toys

I'm watching a rundown on tv on the most popular toys from slinkys to erector sets to Barbie, and I realized that I didn't have a most popular toy. I liked Lincoln Logs and erector sets and playdoh is still fun. I was too old for Barbie but I did have lots of dolls but as they disappeared through attrition and loss, I don't recall really missing them. I don't even recall when they finally all disappeared. I remember having them in fifth or sixth grade but nothing after that. My favorite toy was the woods in Arkansas where I spent my winters from 2nd to 9th grades. My favorite thing, that I remember, was playing by myself in the woods and feeling that I was an explorer or in fairyland or part of a fantasy and mystery. I had the whole outdoors as my toy and when I wasn't outdoors I had books.

I went down and bought my bus ticket to go to Seattle next month to visit my son. To Everett actually. I am so excited. I only needed to buy it seven days ahead since they don't have the fourteen days ahead now, but I just couldn't wait. I checked out every routing I could on the internet to get the one that seemed best. There's not a lot of choice since this is the no stop cheapie ticket but I got the best I could. I don't think the ticket agent is used to having someone come in with an internet routing and tell them the schedule they want. I could have bought them online but since my credit card number was taken by people unknown on my last trip I'm a little shy about giving it out over the phone or internet.

While I was out I went by the university to check out an exhibit by one of Lisa's former teachers but the gallery is closed on Sunday during the summer. Darn. I went and had coffee while I was waiting for the next bus, which don't run that often on Sunday. You can tell school's in session because there were quite a few people around.

At the coffee shop I was reading the newspaper they have and saw an article that the shuttle up Mt Lemmon is actually going forward. The money was approved in a bond issue in 1997 and they actually plan to have the busses running in a couple years. What speed! I want a way up Mt Lemmon so often during the summer when it's too hot to do anything in Tucson but I hate spending the money on a rental car.

I've redecorated this weekend. I didn't really move furniture around so much as put things away and hang up scarves and mom's old costume jewelry to brighten the place up a little. I like to have splashes of color around. I like color, it just takes a long time to get it placed right and then I get tired of it. I also generally opt for ease of use rather than fashion or what's expected. I just can't see the point of having a normal set of furniture when I don't have room and don't need it anyway.

I love the houses shown on the H&G channel but I know I'll never have anything like that unless I come into lots of money and have someone decorate and someone else keep it up. Even then it'll deteriorate rapidly between being kept up. I like touring houses also, I've just finally accepted the fact that I'll never have a house like that, even if I do a thorough cleaning. At least I do keep in cleaner now than I used to so that's something.

I used to dream about having this gracious house with no clutter and no dust where I entertained elegantly while never feeling rushed and everyone loved it, and me. Dreams die hard. I should have known better when I was twenty and Betty and her mother came over to clean my apartment before I had a date once. Yep! That was a sign for the future. As I recall I had a mattress on the floor for a bed and my furniture was brand new and still being paid for but, by god, I had a piano. Now I have a keyboard and I don't play it either but it looks very classy just sitting around, like I'll just pick up and play a few chords. The only time I pick it up is to dust it and that's not too often.

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