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Sunday, August 20, 2000

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Furniture upheaval

On the news this morning the news lady mentioned that the families of the sailors in the sunken sub were coming by train, some as much as FORTY HOURS! She sounded like this was a truly horrific fact. Hmm! I've been on trips that long before on the bus and am planning to go on another next month to Seattle which will be about that. I think the reason they are coming is horrific .

It hurts to even think how they died. I would have been jelly long before the air ran out. Even when I toured that sub in Long Beach last year I was a nervous wreck before I got out. There is no way I would voluntarily go anywhere in a sub. It gives me shivers to just think about it. I'm upset that Russia took so long to ask for help. I would have asked for any and all help immediately. Their pride is no reason to jeapardize people's lives like that. Maybe some could have been saved.

Ooooh! I moved furniture again today and my back aches. It's not in pain but it does ache and I'm being very gentle with it. I've rearranged so that I can work on the computer in one corner but still put my bed down. I'm tired of moving my chair when I'm ready to go to bed. Things are not all that easy in a studio. It will also let me get up and read if I can't sleep. Right now I just lay there because it's just too much trouble to get up, put up my bed and open up my chair, so I just lie there and get more restless.

I haven't been able to sleep the last couple of nights, either. I'm upset because my new backpack pulls on my shoulders if I put too much in it, in other words, if I put in it as much as I usually carry. I know, I know, what's that to get me upset. I'm somewhat obsessive about finding the perfect backpack so it bothers me. It also strained my neck muscles so that's been bothering me. I'm going to try and just carry a little in it for a while and see how it works.

Cat is not happy. She hates it when things get moved around. She is such a stick in the mud.

Thank goodness the conventions are over. Between the Texans praying when Udall was speaking at the republican convention and the democrats pretending that Gore did not condone Clinton's shenanigans, I'm glad the conventions are behind us. All four of the candidates talking about god all the time is also getting old. What irritates me about politicians is that you can't ever know what they are really like because they are so prompted and packaged. Even if you approve of their programs you never know if they really mean it or just figure that's what'll get them elected.

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