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Wednesday, August 16, 2000

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Vice-presidents and boredom

It was beautiful walking to work this morning. There were whispy, white clouds against the blue. The sun was just coming up and turning the clouds to the east a gorgeous orange. To the west you could still see the moon looking like a round cloud as a whispy and white circle. There was a lovely coolness in the air.

All that lovely coolness is from the rain, of course, and I got home last night and my electricity was off again. I understand a light pole went down the night before near to where I live. The electricity hadn't been off long since it was cooler inside than out but it was getting warm before I had lights and a/c about an hour later.

All the kids are coming back and stores, restaurants and buses are filling up. It's nice when they're gone but they do bring an energy back to the campus. Everyone is lined up for parking permits. Why do these kids with all that energy need a car? They whine about not having enough money but would rather drop out than be without a car. So stupid.

The democrats are absolutely drooling over having a Jewish vice-presidential candidate. I can remember being a bit ticked off when I was told I should vote for the first femalevice-presidential candidate. Damn, I cannot remember the presidential candidate' name. Does this mean he was rather forgettable? I can't really say that Cheney is a real draw since I know next to nothing about him, but I don't like being told to vote for someone because of the gender, ethnicity, color, religion, sports preference or screwing ability.

One lady on my team at work moving on to another job in the university, and I wish her well. I felt bad though because it perked me up to know that we'll be getting someone to replace her and that will make a change at work. I get bored so easy. I like my job and do it well. I like the people I work with and only wish them the best, but I get very tired of everything being the same too long. It's a good thing I'm a basic chicken and/or was well brainwashed into being a good girl or I'd have been picking up strange guys in bars and would probably be dead by now.

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