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Monday, August 14, 2000

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Lightning and darkness

I woke up with a horrid headache today. I don't know if I spent too much time out in the heat or was depressed last night and cried. Both tend to give me the equivalent of a hangover. A little hangover, not a major one. My head hurt so bad my stomach was upset. When it finally disappeared, about midmorning, it felt so good that I felt good about everything. I hate headaches and can't get rid of them when I get them. They aren't migraines, my mother used to get those, but just very stubborn.

I was leaving work today when I heard some thunder but I figured I'd be home before it really rained. I was soaked. The wind blew so hard that the rain was stinging my face for a little while and I had to ride slowly. By the time I got under a little cover to put on my poncho I was already so wet I decided to just cover my backpack as it wouldn't hurt me to get any wetter. The water was over a foot deep in a few places and the lightning seemed to be coming more often so it was a bit scary riding home, but also fun. Everything smells so good and it was fun to get all wet and not worry about it. I've always enjoyed walking in the rain.

The water just streamed off of me when I got home and a few minutes later, while I was in the bathroom, with no windows, taking off all my wet clothes, the electricity went out. It was out for about two hours. I tried to read by my camplight, but it wasn't worth the trouble, so I dug out my old phone, since the portables don't work without electricity, and found a message from my brother, Tim. It was nice to chat with him since we don't see each other very often.

I finished reading "Mother Tongue" by Bill Bryson. He takes you on a tour of the foibles and fun on the English language. We are blessed by having a language so lacking in pride. English will borrow anything from anyone and then change it around to suit itself, often keeping one spelling with a different pronunciation. Non-native speakers must truly hate learning English. He had so many lists of strange spellings and strange borrowings and strange names that it almost got boring, but then he would move onto another interesting characteristic, and capture my attention again.

I also read "Granny Dan" by Danielle Steel yesterday. Ok, I picked it up in the supermarket. I should know better. I don't really like that type of book but I get pulled in once in a while. I find her books to be very formulaic and boring. She has interesting plots and even the people could be interesting, but she manages to make them so bland and generic and they all end up reading like the same book. Well, it ticks me off to get sucked into paying $7.50 for a book that I should know better than to get. If I'd even gotten it from the library I could have just read the first part and known how it would end and then put it aside but since I bought it I slogged through the whole thing.

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