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Friday, August 11, 2000

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War and moving

I finally finished reading "The Cousin's War" by Kevin Phillips. I've been trying to finish for a couple months now, but it's a long book, I get busy with other things, and then have to reread quite a bit. The subtitle is "Religion, Politics and the Triumph of Ango-America'. Phillips shows how the English Civil War in the 1600s, the American War of Independence in the 1700s, and the American Civil War in the 1800s, were all a continuation of the same themes that nearly tore England and the United States apart but in the end strengthened them, thereby giving them the ability to emerge as the strongest nations in the 20th century.

It's a very interesting book that helped me get a better grasp of the three wars and gave me a lot to think about. One of the threads was how the tension between the catholic and protestant religions resulted in the English and the American common man becoming much more interested and involved in politics than the common people of other countries. The protestant ethics included the virtue of being responsible for yourself and this translated into taking responsibility for not only yourself and your immediate family but for how you were governed.

It was such a nice, cool (80s), cloudy day that I spent the afternoon running around town even though I didn't have to. It's amazing how cool weather just draws me out of the house. I'm sitting here yawning now from all the walking even though it's not quite 8:00 PM. I checked out a couple apartments because I'm getting a little stir crazy and would like to move. I would like to move out of state but I really hate to lose the job I have so I'm going to take it slow. A new apartment would be nice, though. I'm getting very tired of the same scenery when I walk to work.

The store called me up because they had two packs of photos with only my phone number on them. When I turn in a bunch I use those freebie address labels you get from people trying to get money from you and, evidently, a couple had lost their label. I was so glad because they included some pictures from my trip to California in May and I have turned my apartment upside down trying to find them. I was afraid I'd lost the rolls of film someplace.

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