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Tuesday, August 8, 2000

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Mainly cloudy and sort of cool today. It was rather nice. I even enjoyed my walk to and from the bus when I went to the dentist. The cleaning was a bitch, though. I get the deep cleaning every three months because my gums were so bad and sometimes it hurts more than other times. This was one of those times. I don't have any new cavities though.

That was the morning. In the afternoon I sat in a meeting for over two hours, freezing and feeling my back stiffen up, while listening to a software presentation. My back is aching now and I can't get it to feel better. It's not the sharp pain I get when my back goes out but a dull ache that just won't go away. I don't feel bad, I'm just tired of my back aching. I was suckered! I woke up this morning and my back felt fine.

The software is a multi million dollar package that was purchased for research purposes, so we already bought it. Financials, human resources, etc. were thrown in as freebies. This is a BIG program! We have this huge program and no can agree as to what to do and it's been a year that we've had it. There is nothing like a university, a public university, to bring out committees and people arguing about nothing. Everyone is afraid their way of doing things won't be accommodated.

Every time I'm in one of these meetings, or more especially, a committe meeting, I realize why I never could buy this consensus stuff that is so big in new age/alternative culture circles. I'm sorry, but when you have more than a very few friends who are deciding on nothing more difficult than what kind of pizza to order, consensus just doesn't work. The only valid purpose of committees is to decide what to do and then tell everyone what we will do. No suggestions, no possibilities, no maybes, just this is it.

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