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Tuesday, August 1, 2000

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Sleep and politics

Last night was the first time I saw more than a glimpse of Laura Bush. She's just as cute as can be and looks like she has a sense of humor. I suppose she has to being married to Dubya. I read somewhere that she was painfully shy but she seems to be doing ok. The families are being kept remarkably low key. In fact, the Gore kids have very rarely even been seen or commented on, unless I just don't get my gossip in the right places. I'm not even sure how old they are.

It's refreshing to not see politicians dragging their families around like trophies. I realize that some of this is because it's not cool to and there are politicians who would drag their own grandmother through mud if they thought it could get them votes. I can remember when where the candidate's wife bought her clothes was as important as the candidate's views on foreign policy, or so you would think from the media coverage.

I woke up at 3:00 this morning and at 4:00 I decided I might as well get up. This gave me an extra hour so I had a leisurely morning, which was nice. I'd rather wake up early than not be able to get to sleep at night. I'm half awake when the alarm goes off and even if I sleep late I don't wake up alert, but if I wake up early, like today, I am wide awake and cannot get back to sleep. I'm not having trouble getting to sleep right now, so that's nice. I hate it when I can't get to sleep. I feel so helpless and know I'll be tired the next day and there's nothing I can do.

This morning I just lay there for an hour thinking of this and that and then got up so it was rather nice. I stepped outside for a little. Everything is so quiet and serene at 4:00 in the morning. The night people are finally in bed and the delivery people aren't up yet. I love it. When I have to catch an early bus for a trip I always enjoy being out this early. I certainly never stay up that late anymore.

Well, I'm getting sleepy now so I think I'll take a shower and go to bed. It's nice to go to bed tired. It seems to make for a good sleep.

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