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Sunday, July 30, 2000

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I went to see the X-Men today and it is a good movie. It's a comic book movie but some of the characters had a bit more than cardboard characters, not that we ever learned that much about their lives outside of the movie. The whole concept was what I found so interesting. Mutants on a large scale would be, without a doubt, a major target of fear.

I enjoyed the movie and enjoyed the characters. They were more characters than people but very fun. I had to suspend belief a few times (outside of them being mutants with superpowers) when I wondered why they didn't do something they could or why they did something that didn't really make sense. There were a lot of loose ends that were left dangling but I suppose that was to lead into the sequel.

The question I have is who would be the ones to lead the fight against the mutants? There will always be those who have a knee jerk reaction to anyone different but those won't be the dangerous ones. The ones to fear are the ones that don't want anyone who can do anything better than they can.

These are the ones who insist that blacks can't be as good as whites because they need someone to look down on. These are the ones who insist that women can't be as good as men because they need someone to look down on. These are the ones that insist that people that aren't in their ethnic group or their neighborhood or their educational level can't be as good because they need someone to look down on. This need to kick down anyone who is better cuts across all levels and is felt by all of us sometimes. It's when it's fanned by a fanatic or charismatic person that it becomes horrifying.

It was so cold in the movie theatre that I was glad to get out into the heat but that didn't last long. With a couple stops to pick up something it was two hours before I got home. I always take magazines and books to read while on the bus but I usually get too busy watching the passengers and drivers. The bus I took to the mall has only one bus running on Sundays so it only runs once an hour. On the way there the driver stopped and waved a lady waiting at the stop across the street and told her to get on and she could ride around the route instead of waiting in the heat for the bus to come back.

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