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Saturday, July 29, 2000

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Who to vote for?

Another hot day! I was running errands in the heat and my back cramped up this morning so I was doing it very carefully. A bad back is so tiring. I'm not sure what made it go. I haven't been lifiting stuff or moving furniture. It's been quite a while since my back went out. Months in fact. It's not too bad now (evening) since I've been stretching it all day and not just sitting around. When I do sit for a while I can tell it's stiffened up and have to be careful not to move too fast at first.

I just flipped past the comedy channel and caught a cartoon about gay superheros. It was so bad I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know why I don't watch the comedy channel more often. Actually I do know, it has some really stupid stuff on it and you can only watch Saturday Night Live so many times, especially since it's only so so since the orignal group moved on. Oh, they are so old now. Like me. Nevertheless, I really should watch it more. I enjoy it when I do watch.

Now I'm leaning toward voting for Gore. I like Bush better, but there are just some things about him that I'm not sure I can support. One is the incredible number of executions in Texas and now there's some evidence that they weren't all guilty. That's the problem with executing someone, when they're dead you can't correct a mistake. I do not approve of the death penalty because I think it harms the innocent by saying it's ok to kill, to murder.

The other problem with Bush is that his environmental platform is nonexistent. I'm in favor of free trade and free enterprise but I also think that we need to address environmental issues. On the other hand the problem with Gore is that he goes a bit far. I don't think it's right to take someone's land because there's a bird or a lizard or a whatever that's protected on their land, especially since they don't really get a fair compensation considering that their whole life and that of their family will be turned upside down. There has to be a way to live with the whatever animal.

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