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Wednesday, July 26, 2000

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Laggard Monsoons

More clouds built up today and then, no rain. It's getting to be quite a bore. It was fairly humid riding to work this morning. Cat's been getting upset because I won't let her out for long in the morning. It's too humid to leave the door open and I hate getting dressed and feeling like I just stepped out of a steam bath. I shudder to think of the good (?) old days when we didn't have airconditioning and were damp all summer long.

I'm watching Good Eats on the food channel. I love this show because he tells you why food cooks like it does. He's doing one on steak and it's great. He goes beyond what I would do such as the show on hamburger where he ground his own hamburger in his food processor, but I enjoyed listening to why it's such a good idea. The show on making syrup was another favorite, though I won't make my own syrup but he's great to listen to.

I got up a page on national parks I've been to. Now I need to get more pictures scanned in on the national parks. I have dozens on the Grand Canyon plus a few other parks. I didn't really get into taking pictures till the last few years and I've been to so many where I took few, if any pictures.

I still don't know if it was my mother's death or just life that's made it so hard to get interested in much the last few months. It's better now but I still feel like there's an empty place in me. I feel like I never knew my mother that well since we were apart so much of my life and she was leaving again over five years before she died. I never really knew her and I never really got to say goodbye to her.

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