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Tuesday, July 25, 2000

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Parks and television

I turned the tv off. It is getting very irritating. Between reruns and election coverage, I'm really bummed. Ok, I think I'm going to vote for Bush on the premise that he can do less harm and he is against abortion. He sucks on the environment, but I don't really trust Gore. He's changed his mind too many times over the years and kept his mouth shut when he should have been speaking out. I really don't know much about Cheney, he's just a name, but I've never paid much attention to the vice-presidential candidate anyway.

I'm starting to bookmark for Seattle and Olympic National Park so it's getting exciting. I love planning a trip. I even requested info on camping on a newsgroup. Oh, I love the internet. I found bus schedules for Seattle and for Clallam transit which runs by Olympic. I also bookmarked the website for the national park and now I start looking for info on things to see in Seattle and north. I would love to visit Vancouver but don't know if I can make it that far.

The tv is back on and I'm watching program on the travel channel about the stone circles in Britain. There is so much on tv that I can't really stay away but I hate it when I just stare at stupid sitcoms. I don't really like them but I keep cycling through them with the remote. I enjoy archaeology and the stone circles are so exciting. It's always a wonder as to why they built them. As an atheist it's hard for me to appreciate the reason since even when I was a christian I always had this core of skepticism toward any type of mysticism. Reality is so awesome, why do we have to make things up?

I was just looking at the pictures of the trip Lisa and I took to Joshua Tree and Death Valley in December of 1996. So many pictures of sand. They are neat but you can only put up so many pictures of sand dunes without putting people to sleep. I guess I'll have to go back and get some better pictures. I want to set up a National Parks page (and state parks and such) to show the places that I've been. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of most of the places I went to.

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