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Monday, July 24, 2000

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Michael Flatley, of Riverdance fame, reminds me of Bill Clinton. They both have that same self assured smirk on their faces, while looking so caring and thoughtful. I love the dancing on Riverdance but I always had reservations about Flatley, fantastic dancer though he is, and now I know why. I'm watching an interview with Michael which is what started this thought.

I rode my bike to work today as I always carry a bunch of food for my lunches. This way I don't have to bring my lunch each day. I try to keep it down because I get irritated at people who bring too much at once. It was a nice day for a ride and on the way home it was much warmer but off in the west there were some dark clouds. So far we haven't gotten any rain from them but they are moving our way.

Monday night always seems like an anticlimax. Except once a month when I go to the archaeology meeting I feel like I'm just resting up from the weekend. I dabble at this and that but can't really get into anything. The problem comes when Tuesday through Thursday are also anticlimactic and I get nothing done.

I'm still getting depressed but am fighting it off. I'm usually fine at work but it's too easy to just sink into at home when I'm by myself without much to do. I'm much better if I'm working at something such as my web page but if I just watch tv all night it gets to me.

I'm watching a program about the restoration of a basilica and frescos in Italy. The committee is discussing the damage in Italian and sound so musical. Italian is a very musical language. I've never learned to speak other languages well but I can usually tell what European language most people are talking as they each have a rhythm and sounds all their own. Now I'm talking about the main languages. When people talk Dutch or Swedish or Croatian, whatever, I am lost.

I need to do a little research on the weather at the Olympic National Park as I hope to visit it this fall when I visit my son in Seattle. He picked a nice place to spend a few months in. Too bad he can't stay there. It's much nicer than Los Angeles but also farther away and more expensive to get to. Nothing's perfect.

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