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Sunday, July 23, 2000

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Travel and cooking

I hang out on some travel newsgroups and forums and am always amazed at the questions asked. A favorite seems to be "I'm visiting the west coast (or east coast or the US ) and want to know what I should see?". Excuse me, there are hundreds of books on what to see and they still don't cover them all. A little specificity is requested. Even if I told you what I would like to see that doesn't mean you would like it. It is so easy to do research now that there is no excuse for such wide open questions. The questions to ask are about specific hotels, routes, cities, points of interest.

I love reading the newsgroups, though, as they are a window on people. The regulars always answer the same questions and I'll bet it's cut and paste in many cases. This is good. You don't have time to rethink an answer each time and once you've worked up a good one, stick with it. I don't mind the same questions asked over and over as I realize that many people only get on the forum when they need information, not as a way of life, like some of us. Ok, so they have a life but I love reading about travel.

We had a great thunderstorm last night and I could still tell when I ran some errands today on my bike (can you say "biked some errands"?). It wasn't like riding in an oven and I could even feel a little coolness from the breeze from riding. It's bright and sunny again though and the temps are going up. When the storm hit I went out on the porch and could see people all over the complex doing the same. We love rain.

I'm getting stuff together for lunches today. If I do this and then take a load to work on my bike on Monday I don't buy junk. If I have to do it when I get up in the morning it tends to be hit or miss. I also need to do laundry and vacuum. I always feel so righteous and virtuous when I have everything done, or at least the major things. When I wait till I'm washing out undies or the rug has more lint and cat hair than rug, I feel under pressure and am irritated that I had to wash or clean, not good that I have it done.

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