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Thursday, July 20, 2000

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Down day

I got so frustrated at work. I knew our accounting system was down so I was working on other databases but I'd forget and try to check on something in the accounting system and not be able to. It's always a surprise to find out how much we use a certain system. I don't do a lot of data entry but I still need to constantly check on things.

Our area went out for lunch and had a good time eating too much and then trying to guess who three facts identified. There's nothing like a cheesy party game. I won a great little flower arrangement in a raffle and had three kinds of dessert (we were at an all you can eat buffet) so it was good.

I rode my bike to work and it was great in the morning. Since the humidity has all been burnt off it was almost cool and very enjoyable. I rode a different route as I had to drop off some movies on the way so it was nice to see different scenery. I get in such a rut and hurry to work without really looking around because I've seen it all so often.

Coming back this afternoon it was so hot. It was over 100 degrees but I thought I would just go half a mile out of my way to pick up bread and then run by the supermarket. By the time I had picked up the bread I was so hot that I just rode home and sat in front of the fan drinking ice water. I really felt bad and my face was a bright, bright red. I get red easily in the heat but this was a little over the edge. I feel stretched out and tired now, like you feel when you've been at the beach all day.

I think I'll just read tonight. I've been trying to get through a couple pretty hefty books and, while they are interesting, it's slow going. I always check out all these interesting books at the library but there is no way I get to read them all. I know I should just read one book at a time but that's not as interesting.

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