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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

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Year end

We closed the books today at work, or rather, can't data enter any more documents. I think the fund accountants can still make corrections for a couple days and then the state will finish their books. Everything we do is not finished till the state finishes so we always have to finish earlier than the real deadline so that we can send our figures to the state. This can be a little frustrating but it's nice to start a new year.

We'll have a little New Years party tomorrow at work and do offline stuff as the accounting system is down all day. It's good to know that even if there are mistakes, we are done.

It's way up in the 100s again. The last couple days it's been like walking into an oven when I leave work at 5 PM. According to the weatherman we may, MAY, get some more moisture in the next couple days and, perhaps, some rain. It's always so disappointing after the monsoons start to jump back to dry weather and hot temps.

I have not wanted to do anything much recently but come home and stare at the tv. I'm not depressed, just without interest in doing much. I went for a bike ride on Sunday but it got hot too soon. I dream about riding my bike in cool weather. I dream about walking to work and not having to take a dry tshirt to change into. I don't mind the heat but it cuts down on my wandering around and I feel a little stir crazy. I get tired of walking around the mall and don't feel like getting up at 5 in the morning on weekends, before it's too hot.

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