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Monday, July 3, 2000

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War Movies

I went to see "Patriot" yesterday and left before the end. It was a fairly well done movie but it was just too much of good americans, vicious, sadistic brits. I know there were atrocities on both sides but "Patriot" was just too one sided. It was also a very long movie and very nearly two hours of very graphic fighting was more than enough for me. Now I'll have to rent the movie and see the ending but I just couldn't handle anymore. This is why I rarely see a Gibson movie anyway. No matter how good the story, I can't take too many people being hurt or killed.

Since I've been reading "The Cousins War" I couldn't accept the idea that the British were all sadists or only interested in the cut of their uniforms. There was a very large number of the British army and navy officers who refused to fight the Americans and many more who only did it half heartedly. I understand the British are somewhat pissed about the movie also.

I had gone to the early movie so it was just after two when I left and I ended up walking over five miles on the way home. Due to missed busses and very poor Sunday schedules I walked over a mile to the bike shop to have my light looked at. I then caught the bus home but on the way decided to check out how the river walk was going east of Campbell so I got off at Prince and Country Club, walked up to the Raquet Club and along the riverwalk.

I got a few sprinkles at first and it was clouded over but the sun kept coming out when I was in between stopping places and got very hot. I did get to see the new bridges that have the approaches in place. It was nice to not have to walk into the side washes and back up, but I was very hot and very tired by the time I got to the bus stop. I think I drank three bottles of water when I reached the first water fountain. I had a bottle of water but it went faster that I had planned.

I was starting to get a headache and when I got home I ate like a pig to ward it off. I think I don't store enough of something and when I overdo it I get headaches and feel pretty bad. Even though the temps had to be around 100 degrees, I recovered fairly fast, though I was tired.

To make up for "Patriot" I watched another war movie tonight, "Operation Petticoat" with Cary Grant and Tony Curtis. I love that movie and laughed all the way through. Cary Grant can do such a wonderful straight faced comedy and Tony Curtis is the perfect backup. Next is "Father Goose" which is also wonderful but I'm not sure if I can stay up that late.

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