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Thursday, June 29, 2000

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I was reading a library book tonight and came across an old receipt with a date of 10/12/98. I can't read the name of the store, but they bought $5.72 worth of something. I love it when I come across these forgotten bookmarks in library books. Sometimes it's a note or a list. I can't remember finding a letter, but I guess that's too big and would have been noticed. I wonder what would happen if I left a note in a book. Would I get an answer? I could just leave my email address with a request that whoever sends me a note saying when they read the book.

I know I've left things in books before. Once I was using a second hand book store credit slip and I was out several dollars in credit. I try to avoid using anything valuable as I am likely to forget about it and lose it. Right now I'm using a calendar my daughter sent me. It's one of those with daily tear off slips about 3 inches by 3 inches. It has impressionist pictures so I'm just to February as I hate to just tear them off and throw them away. I have other calendars if all I want is to see what date it is. Each day is just the right size to use as a book marker. I also use them as notepads and I get to enjoy the pictures as I use them.

With magazines that I carry in my backpack I use large paper clips. The magazines are too lose to keep a piece of paper in place and the paper clips are the only things I've found that work well. I know there are fancy little clip on bookmarks, but they cost more and I am just as likely to forget and leave one in a magazine I'm throwing away as not.

I also have found that those clear or colored plastic folders work well in a back pack to keep my magazines from all ending up scrunched on the bottom. I get the ones with the flap and the the little string that winds around to secure them. I tuck the flap inside and have a nice little compartment for magazines and all those bits and slips that I seem to pick up.

Since I don't have a backseat, or any seat, to throw my stuff in I have to carry it all on my back so I'm always excited when I figure out how to carry things better in a backpack. Backpacking hints aren't much good as they are usually about how to pack a tent or what kind of stove to take. I need to know how to carry magazines so they aren't messed up or how to keep my sandwich from being smashed.

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