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Wednesday, June 28, 2000

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Goodbye, Elian

At the office yesterday, I was glad to hear that I wasn't the only one who grew to dislike swimming when I got older. It's wet and cold and boring. Sitting beside the pool is worse unless you're in the shade with a cold beer and friends to talk to. Otherwise I would rather be inside where it's comfortable. I can remember as a kid spending every waking minute in the pool or lake or whatever when there was one available. I can remember on vacations, hating that we had to wait an hour after eating before we could swim again, but no more.

I am so tired listening to everyone whine about the price of gas. Why aren't people upset that in most cities in the US it's very difficult to get around without a car? Why aren't people upset that cities are deliberately designed so that people are forced to pay a major chunk of their income to buy, maintain and drive a car? Why aren't people upset that they have to buy any price of gas for the car they have to own? I feel that I spend way too much of my life listening to people complain about the cost of their car payment and the cost of parking and the cost of the commute, yet if I ask why they don't just take the bus they act like I've suggested sacrificing their firstborn child.

Goodbye, Elian. His father seems ok and Elian seems happy with his father, but it is so sad to see him go back to Cuba where he will have so little freedom and so few choices for a decent life. I grieve for his mother who gave her life to get the two of them a better life. I wish him well and hope he does have a good life, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted my children to grow up in Cuba or any totalitarian state.

I walked to work and back again today so I'm tired but I feel good. I woke up today at 4:30 AM and was wide awake. I've been sleeping so much lately, which I expect I needed, but I always felt groggy and listless from so much sleep. Maybe I'm finally getting over the stress from my mother's death. I could walk home because we had clouds again, so while it was warm I was never too hot and even had some sprinkles along the way. A good walking day!

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