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Monday, June 19, 2000

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Prehistoric architecture

It was so nice biking to work this morning. The humidity is sky high, in fact, we are officially in the monsoons. The humidity has to reach a certain level three days in a row, and it reached it today. Everything seemed fresh and today we got a good drencher and everything seemed even fresher riding home. Just getting the dust out of the air helps.

I felt happier today, full of cheer and goodwill and with plenty of energy so I took the bus back to attend the Archeology meeting. I was almost too cool waiting for the bus and that was after walking a mile to catch it since I had plenty of time. I don't know if the cheer and energy are because of the rain, but it could be.

I rushed out of the meeting to catch the bus as the next one is an hour later, nearly 10:00. There was thunder and lightening so it was a bit nerve wracking waiting for the bus. Why do they have metal bus stops to stand under in a storm? It wasn't raining very hard but I had half a mile to walk when I got off the bus so I was glad I had my little, cheap clear poncho. For 99 cents it's a real lifesaver.

Another guy got off at the same stop who had spent the bus trip smiling and nodding to himself so I stopped at a laundromat that was doing good business to let him get ahead of me. I don't get really afraid when I'm walking home by myself at night but I do keep my keys between my fingers and I certainly don't listen to my walkman. I try to keep alert to what's going on around me but the best defense I've heard is to just look assertive as the assholes prefer someone who looks like they would frighten easily.

The talk was very interesting at it brought together two things I'm interested in, archeology and architecture. The speaker showed examples of how the pit houses and cliff dwellings were built and why the ones that lasted have. Some of their building techniques seem rather shoddy to us now but their buildings are often still standing after several centuries while too many of ours will be lucky if they last one generation.

I get lazy about going to the archeology meetings since they are on Monday nights which always seems like a good time to just stay home after running around on the weekend, but when I do go I always enjoy. I would like to go on some of the field trips but would need to rent a car as most of the ruins are in the middle of nowhere.

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