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Sunday, June 18, 2000

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Father's Day

It was so cool when I went to bed but when I got up at 7:00 this morning it was already hot and humid. The minute the sun comes up it starts warming up. I finished putting up my journal pages for my trip and breathed a sigh of relief. It's hard to proof read that many journal pages at once. Even just doing one at a time I find mistakes when I read them later on. Proofreading is a real art and something that has to be learned. I can catch spelling mistakes fairly easy but sometimes my eyes fool me when I'm reading fast. Grammar mistakes are much more difficult and I find when I read an entry later that I repeat the same words too often.

I took Dad and John, my nephew, out to lunch for Father's Day. It is nice to still have a father to take out even if he is getting more vague and repetitive all the time. He really is forgetting a lot of things but he still remembers what he has to. When he says he's coming to get me, he always does. When he has an appointment he always makes it. It's just the lesser things, like he had forgotten that we had gone to the restaurant where we ate today until he was there and recognized it. I don't know what to do. He still seems to be capable of taking care of things. He also mentioned yesterday that I sure had a lot of white hair and today that he hoped I wouldn't get fatter like so many other people. What little tact he had he seems to be losing.

John is not a talker, and neither am I so it's hard to get a conversation going. He perked up at some things but it was a strange conversation with Dad remembering from way back and forgetting other things. I was surprised yesterday when he said that I had only been at the children's home for two years when I started there in second grade and stayed there through eleventh grade with only a couple years with my parents after my mother had her heart attack. I worry about John and Heidi being on medication but I guess the doctor knows what he's doing. I don't even like taking aspirin everyday and am, after two years, only now getting comfortable with taking estrogen every day.

We walked around the mall for a little while but Dad is not interested in window shopping. Actually he's not interested in shopping except for vitamins and he gets those cheaper through the mail. He wanted some lighter shoes but said he couldn't pay the $80.00 to $100.00 that the nice, light shoes cost. He hardly ever buys clothes or much of anything and is so hard to buy for that I've pretty much quit trying.

I have to get a graduation present to Lauri before I forget. There, I've put it in my electronic organizer and put the batteries that I noticed on the list in my backpack so I won't forget them. When we went out to eat after graduation, a couple other people had pulled out their little electronic reminders and we were talking about how great they are. First it was calculators so we didn't have to remember how to do math and now electronic organizers so we don't have to remember, except to look at them so we will be reminded. I still like to do some memory work at work instead of copying and pasting and I like to do some math in my head. It makes me feel like I'm not turning my life over to a computer chip.

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