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Saturday, June 17, 2000

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It rained today. It poured and there was thunder and lightning. It was wonderful. I was at the supermarket when one of the employees came in saying that it was raining and then we realized there was a drumming on the ceiling. By the time I checked out it was just spitting, which was good since I was on my bike, but I wouldn't have cared if it were still pouring since getting wet is a small price to pay for rain.

After I got home it started raining heavily again and was still spitting an hour later. Everything smells so good and the eucalyptus are perfuming the air. It has been so long since we got rain. I didn't even get anything to speak of on my vacation last week. My door is wide open and I see other apartment residents keep wandering out to just look around.

It's been over 100 degrees for a few weeks now and everyone has been miserable. Since I don't have a car it's been especially bad, though waiting for your car to cool off after sitting in over 100 degree weather all day often takes till you get home, while I get to ride a cool bus. Friday, at midday, I even did a bit of walking to run some errands and survived ok by taking it easy and walking in the shade as much as possible.

My nephew, John, is staying with my father for a while so we took a quick trip up Mt. Lemmon where it was so nice and cool. We had a little picnic and took a walk through the area right on top which is an easy hike. It was clouded over with the sun just peaking through once in a while and we kept saying that we sure would like it to rain. We didn't walk long as my father tires easily and headed back down in a couple hours.

My father had a little trouble parking at one point and dinged a couple cars trying to park when he came in from the wrong direction. I also had several very bad moments when we were driving back down as he still drives like he did thirty years ago but does not have the same reflexes. I would hate for him to not be able to drive but I do worry about him and get very nervous riding with him.

Wow! There was just a thunder clap that shook the apartment. I was fixing supper and nearly dropped a pan. If there's another I'll have to shut off the computer but I hate to do it if that's all. There wasn't any for a couple of hours. Maybe more rain is coming through. Yeah! When we get rain after a long, hot, dry spell is nearly orgasmic.

I've been busy this week trying to get my trip reports up on the journal. I did type them on my organizer as I went but I got lazy at times, plus it's harder to catch errors and grammar on the tiny screen. At least I can download what I do have and then correct it. I also turned in like ten rolls of film so I should get some good pictures.

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