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Monday, June 5, 2000

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Carson City

I got a good sleep last night. This is a quiet place to stay. It was great to look out my window at mountains with trees on them. I was dressed and out the door by 8:00AM. The weather felt just right first thing in the morning and was still great in the afternoon, even a little cool in the shade. The start point of the volkswalk was just a few blocks down where US-50 meets US-395 and turns south.

The walk went north of Carson St through some beautiful residential areas and up towards the mountains. There was some climbing but not enough that it made me breathe hard. The grass was so green and I could smell the clover. There were some cows at their ease in a field and everywhere there were trees. I passed the bicentennial tree which is a huge fremont cottonood.

After the nature tour, the walk went back down to Carson Street and a the capital district. I made side trips to look through the legislative building and the capital building. Since the legislature wasn't in session the legislative building was mainly empty offices but I looked in at the senate and assembly chambers. The capital building is very nice but rather small. I can understand why they moved the legislature to another building. The capital, legislative building and the supreme court make a triangle around landscaped grounds with memorials and benches. It made a nice place to rest and have a snack.

I then walked down Carson Street past the casinos to the Nevada State Museum which is in the former Carson City U.S. Mint. I was sidetracked for a long time here starting with the Lincoln Highway Memorial outside. They have some very nice exhibits starting with one on the mint. They cover the state from prehistoric, including a geologic exhibit, to statehood and beyond. The exit is a walk through a mine that is well done and deposits you outside.

The final part of the volkswalk follows the historic downtown walk which winds through the historic residential areas. A nice touch is that some of the houses are "talking houses". You can listen on a walkman to the history of the houses. Each house has a frequency you turn to. Unfortunately I had not brought my walkman as it's a good idea. I passed a couple who were listening to the recordings.

The houses are well taken care of and most of them are still being lived in. One of them is the Govenor's Mansion which you just happen on in a residential area. A nice residential area but not what I think of as palatial. The mansion is an oversize victorian with the curved, wrap around porch. There were even white porch chairs though I have a hard time imagining a modern governor enjoying the evening on his front porch.

It was a very enjoyable volkswalk. I was still full of energy so I wandered through the casinos and around town for another couple hours till I was very tired and my feet hurt, so I went back to the motel to veg out for the evening.

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