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Thursday, June 1, 2000

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Heat & Impatience

The heat has really hit me hard. It was so hot over Memorial Day Weekend that I spent most of my time at home or walking around the airconditioned mall. On Saturday morning I thought I could just run a couple errands on my bike. I was only going a couple miles but I was exhausted from the heat when I got to the store. Besides the embarrassment of sweat dripping off my nose as I'm checking out, I felt wrung out.

I had planned to get some things I wanted for my vacation but even waiting for the bus it was so hot. I'm better now and it usually takes a week or two to get used to the over 100 temps each year. I don't handle heat all that well anyway but at the first of the season it's very bad. I've been wearing shorts to work all week and get cold by the afternoon as the air is running constantly. It's not just the temperature of the air as that it's always blowing that chills me. We've all spend our time bitching about the heat outside and the coolness inside.

I'm getting very impatient for vacation. I keep making my lists and checking them twice. Ok, so that's just so cute it's disgusting, but I couldn't resist. I always get impatient when I'm going somewhere. It's like everything else I want to do. I always want to do it now!

I am so pleased that Bush stopped the execution of that guy in Texas. I know that it may very well be a political ploy, but at least the guy will get a second chance. If he really did rape and kill that girl he needs to be locked up for life but I just can't believe that killing people will teach society that killing is wrong. Somehow that just doesn't make sense. Lock em up! Throw away the key! but don't kill them.

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