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Thursday, May 25, 2000

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Holiday early starts

Half the office closed up shop today and left for a long Memorial Day weekend. The rest of us are working tomorrow but I get to leave at eleven, as usual, so it's nice to look forward to a good chunk of time off. I don't have anything planned except to get ready for my vacation coming up in June. I'm already making lists so I don't forget anything.

The lists are helping as each time there are fewer things that I forget that I have to buy. I can handle not packing a tshirt but when I have to buy Sudafed at inflated prices I get irritated. One nice thing about hostels is that they know the best place to buy groceries and sundries nearby or whether it's better to go a little farther. I have asked hotel clerks who do not have a clue. I guess they expect all their guests to eat at restaurants and buy the aspirin in the high priced hotel shops.

I just spent all evening adding lists of my online pictures to my states and intercity bus stations lists. There is nothing like a little anal obsessive activity to give purpose to ones life. Since I can't get into collecting stamps, this is my obsession of choice. I was using a crappy picture editor back there though and I really would like to redo all the pictures, but that would take much more time than I have now.

I'm really enjoying remembering my trip to New York City. I think about it but looking at the pictures again is so much fun. I had a good time on that trip even though I was tired from taking the bus straight through both ways. I keep remembering places I would like to spend more time at and am already thinking about how to do it.

On my vacation I plan to spend more non traveling time which is enjoyable but sometimes I get the urge to just move and move, which is fun too. It's cheaper if I plan the fast moving ahead of time as I can get really cheap rates. I plan to go on several volkswalks which keep me from getting too tired like when I just keep traveling. Coming back from NYC my legs were swelling from sitting so long and eating too much junk.

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