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Wednesday, May 24, 2000

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Boredom and nail polish

I am so bored. I just can't get interested in anything. I've even been putting on nail polish just for something to do. I've been wearing a nice purplish silver and now I've changed to a shimmery green. My nail polishing skills suck. I have never been able to put on that perfect coat but I will not pay to have someone do it.

I like wearing nail polish but it's just like the rest of fashion, a lot of work. I enjoy wearing makeup but it's such a bother to put it on every morning and take it off every night. With polish you have to constantly be repairing it. I've also considered using a rinse on my hair but I know I won't keep up with it so I just plan to stay nice and gray.

I've been looking around for a nice silver rinse. That's hard to find and I notice that most people don't go gray anymore, at least the ones I know. What's with that? It's not like they don't look old (older). I've seen some little old ladies with fresher, smoother skin than the average fashion model, but they still have those little soft wrinkles.

I don't really mind people dyeing their hair. In fact I admire people who can change their color once a month. I've always wanted to do that but never had the nerve. I just know that I wouldn't keep up the color and would soon have those hated gray roots. Now if multicolor ever come in I'm set. I'll just dye a different section whenever I think about it.

Right now I'm just trying to grow my hair out. I can finally get it in a pony tail but I have to spray it still to keep from having all those not quite long enough hairs springing out. On some people that looks soft and sweet. On me it looks like I didn't comb my hair. I am always in awe of the women who spend hours on their hair so it will look like they just got out of bed. That little curl slipping out of the do is always so fetching, and a real art.

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