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Saturday, May 20, 2000

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A bus riding monkey

I saw a monkey on the bus today. I was just sitting there when I realized that the woman across from me was holding a monkey. She looked like a very tired mother and the monkey was nicely behaved while looking around. He was even wearing a shirt. I did a double take and wondered how she was allowed to bring him on since even cats can't come on without a carrier. I wanted to take a picture but was afraid the flash would startle him.

I started out running errands on my bike but by ten o'clock it was too hot and humid. I don't know where the humidity is coming from. We've been so very dry for months. I always dread it getting hot like this because I can only walk and ride very early and I really don't feel like getting up that early on a weekend. Even when heading out the door at eight it's already getting too warm.

I'm back on a diet today. I pretty much went on hold from Rick's wedding, where they fed us all the time, to Mom's memorial service and beyond due to depression. I figure just losing some weight will help prevent depression. I feel so fat and bloated right now. At least I haven't gained any weight since the beginning of March, I just haven't lost any. I'm surprised I haven't gained any as I've been eating quite a bit. Maybe the stress was burning it off. One day and I already miss grease.

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5/19/00 - Walked 4 miles
5/20/00 - Biked 4 miles - Walked 2 miles

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