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Sunday, May 14, 2000

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Mother's Day

I took myself out for breakfast for Mother's Day. It was rather nice. I received Mother's Day greetings from my kids the day before so I was ok. I enjoy walking early on Sunday mornings as there is so little traffic. Even though I left at seven o'clock I could already feel the heat that was coming. It was still cool enough to enjoy walking. I went up First and then along the Rillito River Park to Oracle where I cut up to Denny's.

There were other people walking and bicycling but it wasn't nearly as busy as usual this early on a hot weekend day. Usually there's quite a crowd of people out to get in their running or cycling before it get's too hot. I recognized a few of the regulars. There's one guy who goes back and forth on his bike. I've seen him nearly every time I've been on the river park. He usually passes me a couple times in the time it takes me to go once.

I walked into Denny's and was hit by the cigarette smoke. It's been a long time since I've eated at a place that allows smoking. Even most of the restaurants are non-smoking even though in Arizona you can have a smoking section. It really was nasty and I can't believe that I never used to notice it. Denny's doesn't seem as nice as it used to be either. It still has good coffee and the breakfasts are good, it just seems shabbier than it used to be.

After breakfast I walked to Borders to get a magazine then over to the mall to get another pair of shorts. By then I was more than ready to go home. I'd worn tennis shoes instead of tevas and my feet hurt. I have a terrible time finding shoes that I can walk very far in. I always go back to sandals. I suppose if I stuck with it I would get used to them, but I dislike wearing shoes. Not only are they more uncomfortable than sandals, they are also hot and sweaty.

I'm never quite in fashion, though I do have nicer sandals to wear when I have to, but while all my life I have yearned to be in fashion I've never quite made it. Even when I've spent a lot of money on clothes I never could quite bring it off. I just have no taste in clothes. I've finally come to terms with the fact that I'm likely to end up on the "worst dressed" list rather than the "best dressed" list, but I still get starry eyed when I see a really nice outfit and wish I could look that good in it.

My daughter has that flair. She can wear thrift store (we're talked half price thrift store) bargains and look like she knows what she's doing and looks good. I would look like a bag lady in things that Lisa wears.

I spent the rest of the day at home staying cool and just watching television. I tried reading but just couldn't get interested. It was just a day to be lazy. I'm a lucky mother to have such great kids. I miss my mother and always will, but that's to be expected. I'm just glad I had her for a mother.

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5/13/00 - Walked 2 miles
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