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Friday, May 12, 2000

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God's wrath

While wandering around town today on the bus a guy sitting behind me told me that the fires in New Mexico at Los Alamos are because of god's wrath at our use of nuclear weapons. Huh?! Why can't people just accept that things have natural causes. It's like Pat Robertson saying that god will destroy Orlando for accepting gays. I wouldn't want a god like that, would you? It doesn't show much wisdom, just reminds me of a kid throwing a tantrum.

It was nice today. There was just a coolness in the breeze, but I could see the haze over the mountains. We're due for a nice fire also. There's already one at the Grand Canyon and everything is so dry that the fire fighters are going to be very busy. It's going to be a hot summer and I hope they don't keep us off Mt Lemmon because of the dryness.

I've been trying to catch up on some of my old pictures this week and every night it's suddenly ten o'clock and I haven't done anything else. I need to clean house and wash dishes this weekend. I also need to start getting things together for vacation. I always forget something when I wait till the last minute.

I blew another chance to read good books. I really, really tried to read a couple novels for a couple book discussion groups as I would not only like to broaden my reading but meet people, but the books were so boring. Excuse me, just because Oprah or the New York Times recommended it doesn't mean it's not boring. It may be poignant and uplifting and all that but it can still be boring, and most novels are. Nonfiction books are so much more interesting because they are about what really is and what people really have done, not what someone wishes people would do or thinks they do.

Real life is so much more interesting than fiction and what really happened is so much more interesting that what 'should' have happened. Of course, I find evolution to be more interesting than creationism. I think that how our brains really work (as far as we know thus far) is so much more interesting than any new age stuff. I also find people so much more interesting than statistics that stick us all in boxes.

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5/9/00 - biked - 4 miles
5/10/00 - walked - 3 miles
5/12/00 - walked - 4 miles

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