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Monday, May 8, 2000

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Vacations and dentists

Things are much better today, even with a dentist appointment. It was just a cleaning, but a deep cleaning and I just tense up all over because it always hurts some. My head was also stopped up so I had to breathe through my mouth while she worked. I almost choked a couple times. I hate going to the dentist but my teeth still show the effect of not going for a couple decades because I couldn't afford it, so I faithfully go.

I think I am going to take a vacation and take the bus to Las Vegas, just overnight, then the run along the east side of the Death Valley area to Carson City, Nevada. I'm going to go on the capital volkswalk there and in Sacramento, then a a quick stop, day or two, at San Francisco and down to Los Angeles. That sounds good. I'll get two capital volkswalks and stay at one of the top rated hostels in Sacramento and try to find a letterbox in San Francisco. How fun!

I know it's getting hotter when I wear an old tshirt to walk to work and change when I get there. If I don't my backpack leaves a nice sweaty spot on the back of my shirt. It still feels good when I wake up and open the door at five in the morning. When I took the bus to my dentist appointment, mid morning, it was already getting warm.

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Walked - 3 miles

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