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Thursday, May 4, 2000

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I felt pulled one way and another today. Very restless. Even last night I had restless dreams. I never seemed to know what to do in my dreams. I kept waking up thinking something wasn't right but I don't know what. Tonight I keep meaning to do things and then realize I've just been gazing at the tv without really paying attention.

Things were strange at work too. There were meetings that didn't really deal with the problem and complaints that ended up not being what was complained about. I planned to do a few things and they never worked out. It was an unsatisfying day.

Now my stomach is cramping and it so very rarely does that so I'm not sure if I've got a bug, I'm under stress or it's something I ate. A very unsatisfying day and nothing seems interesting right now.

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Walked - 3 miles

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