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Monday, May 1, 2000

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May Day

Another month. I cannot believe that it's been two months since I went up to Rick's wedding. It seems just a couple weeks ago. Time is going much too fast or I'm just wasting too much time doing nothing.

There was a request for volunteers for something on Mother's Day. I thought "Who would want to work on Mother's Day?" then I realized that I didn't have a mother to go see and my children weren't going to be around on Mother's Day. I had that little burst of awareness like others that I've been having lately about my mother, mortality and family. I noticed that I felt weepy afterwards but I think it's more feeling sorry for myself than a real loss at not having anyone around on Mother's Day. There are phones so I can talk with my kids and it's been a while since my mother knew it was Mother's Day.

I read "The Crook Factory" by Dan Simmons yesterday. It is about Ernest Hemingway's effort to help the war effort while in Cuba during WWII. I enjoyed it very much for the story itself as well as all the well known stars and other famous people woven through the book. It gave me a more complex view of Hemingway. I only read one of his books and that was years ago, as I'm not into the macho view I feel that his books have. Maybe I'll read one of them again soon.

How far I have fallen! I'm listening to the issues on our upcoming bond election. Even five years ago I would have not wanted to vote for more taxes but now I agree with what the money is going for - improve streets, including bus lanes, bike lanes and bus pullouts, more libraries, more parks and increased recreation. Well I'm not crazy about building another swimming pool but I'm sure there are people who would enjoy that much more than new libraries.

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4/30/00 - Walked - 2 miles
5/1/00 - Walked - 3 miles

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