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Thursday, April 27, 2000

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Greyhound vs air travel

Another tacky exchange on the pedestrian listserve. There was an email to the effect that pedestrians also had responsibilities and everyone acted like pedestrians had been declared criminals. Geez! I love walking, I just can't stand pedestrian activists, even though I know they do a lot of good. Why do they have to be so self righteous and with such an 'us against them' philosophy? Like all too many activists.

I managed to spend $25.00 and cents in the last three weeks that I cannot remember. I have tried so hard to write down every penny because I'm tired of getting out $100 in cash and it all disappears. Even with an effort to track what I spend, I still end up with some that I can't remember. I'm even writing it down in my organizer if I don't have a receipt. I think I'm going to have to start writing down receipts because I think I'm losing some of them. Most of it is probably food and such incidentals (I'm calling a hefty chunk of my budget incidental?), but it's irritating to not be able to account for it.

Damn, even Greyhound has raised their rates. Often I can get cheaper airline tickets on Priceline or other discount places, but I miss not traveling by bus. The Ameripass has really gone up which is a shame. People aren't going to use the bus if it's cheaper to fly. The buy ahead discount fares are still good but it's hard being on the bus for two or more days at a time. Flying just isn't as interesting. It's more comfortable and convenient and all that, but if that's what you want, why leave home? Bus travel let's you see the country. It's great.

Well, between these two paragraphs, I spent an hour on the Greyhound website and hostel webpages. I am ready to travel, I'm just not sure where. So many places to go, so little time to do it in! Part of me wants to plan every jot and tittle and part of me wants to just get a ticket and go, anywhere.

We went to the Marriott next door for Lisa's (my coworker, not daughter) birthday, and, as always it was so nice. They have a delicious buffet and the stream running through is great. They have the dining area in the middle of the lobby. No huge room full of armchairs, just dining tables and chairs. I'm don't usually care much for large hotel dining rooms, but this is nice. You can watch people come in and out and enjoy great food. We did forget to get our dessert first, though, so the best was gone when we had finished stuffing ourselves with the rest of the food.

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