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Wednesday, April 26, 2000

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Exercise and pictures

I've felt lighter this week, like a weight has been lifted off. I don't think it's just that the memorial service is over but all the years I watched Mom slowly forget us and forget even who she was. There is also a loneliness that I haven't had before. I don't have a Mommy to go to when things get rough. My dad is, of course, still there but he's not a mother. I also feel more tenderness toward my children, maybe because I see how fragile life is.

I rode my bike to work and it was work riding my bike. I've not been getting as much exercise lately, especially the last week, and I can feel it. Those pedals are so much harder to push and I'm not riding up steep inclines, more like rolling hills, very small hills. It was hot coming home so it's going to get harder to get in as much exercise.

Well, a couple weeks with the new tv channels and already I'm tired of them. Oh, there are still things that I watch but it's more to have something to half listen to while I'm doing other things. I rarely just sit and watch a program. I suppose that's an ADD thing but I can remember, many years ago, when we only had two or three stations and I was glued to the set. No doing two or three things at once.

I'm finally not only scanning in the Kearney trip pictures, but putting some of the old ones on my webpages. I got into a scanning frenzy when I first started all this but never actually got the pictures on the web so I have several zip disks with pictures that I need to work up. Some of them need to be rescanned as I had no clue as to the best way to scan when I started. I'm still far from an expert since I'm too impatient to work on each picture with love and care. I just want decent pictures to put up.

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4/25/00 - Walked - 4 miles
4/26/00 - Biked - 8 miles

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