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Monday April 24, 2000

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Glucosamine and car irritants

It was strange driving a car to work this morning. On the way I had to fill up and realized that this was another reason I didn't care for cars. It is such a hassle. Since we no longer have full service, or any service in most cases, it's always a question of 'do we pay inside' or 'do we use the fastpay', both of which irritate me. I just want to fill up and then pay. They were just changing shifts so neither the fastpay nor the pay inside worked as it took a few minutes for their cash registers to reset or reboot or something.

Since I did have a ride to work, I wore a dress, without stockings since it's already getting warm. There is something naked feeling about wearing a dress with no stockings that is rather nice but when it's hot and sweaty I would rather have shorts so my legs don't stick together. I also have to be more lady like when I wear a dress which is difficult at times.

There was plenty to do as last week I was only there two days. Catching up isn't bad if the work isn't overwhelming. It means you can do two or three days of one type of job at once which makes it go faster. My work was just on the edge of overwhelming at times but not bad. I kept nicely busy with a few questions on policy that were discussed at length and added a little interest to the day. Not a bad day.

It was relaxing to come home to my own apartment and be by myself this evening. Lisa sent me an email that she was glad to be back home also. Just because you love someone and enjoy their company doesn't mean you want to be around them all the time. This togetherness thing can be overdone and too often is raised to level of godliness. Some of us like being alone and it isn't because we are incipient mass murderers, though I must admit that at time I've had murderous thoughts toward people who insist that we are all one big happy family. I have a big happy family and we do just fine meeting each other only every few years.

I'm starting to take glucosamine chondroitin as my joints are more achy than they used to be. I've heard good reports though I was very skeptical at first. I worry that I'm turning into my father but I don't think I will ever be that constantly concerned about what I eat or what vitamins I take. This is why I will probably never be a good vegetarian as I cannot get interested enough in any special diet. This is also why I am having a hard time losing weight.

I find that the spectacle of a swat team carrying loaded weapons breaking into a private citizen's home to kidnap a child is repellant. I cannot believe that the justice system of this country could not find a better way to do this. It reminds me, on a small scale, of Waco. Janet Reno has a bad habit of overreacting. I find her to be a very unbelievable person. The Miami family of Elian are certainly not without fault but they were using the courts to get what they want, not guns. This sort of thing scares me more than guns in the ghettos. If the people who are protecting us do this, who is going to protect us from them.

I must admit that while I think Elian's father does have the better case when it comes to custody, I thought it rather hateful of him to refuse to see his son, anyway he could. If his child's welfare was the most important thing he would have immediately gone to see his son even if he couldn't take custody of him right away. I certainly would have. If someone had my children under these circumstances and said I could visit, you bet I would.

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