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Monday, April 17, 2000

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Wacky Clothes Day

A long day at home yesterday. I did a quick run to the stores to turn in some film, pick up a couple groceries and get a magazine at the book store, but other than that I stayed home. I did laundry, a little cleaning and some cooking but I didn't seem to get much done, but it was a nice day.

Today was, well, Monday. This was the official beginning of employee appreciation week, even though we had our picnic last week. We had a nice breakfast buffet and were told how nice we were by people wearing silly hats. It seems this is Wacky Week and today was wacky clothes day, though I was dressed in just my usual wackiness.

I'm only at work today and tomorrow because of Mom's memorial so I have a boatload of stuff to do and didn't have a chance to get too wacky. I talked to Lisa last night and am looking forward to seeing her, Mike and Lauri. I do dread the whole thing, though, since I know, and understand, that it will be so religious, but I love them all so that's ok. I just know that I will get overload before it's all over.

I feel that we need to put Mom to rest and get on with our lives. She needs to rest and we all need to go on, though we'll always remember her. I just remembered that I'm suppose to have a reminiscence and I can't come up with a single one. I keep remembering things just not something that I feel is pithy enough for the memorial. Damn! She's part of my life, and always will be, not an anecdote.

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4/16/00 - Biked - 4 miles
4/16/00 - Walked - 1 mile

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