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Saturday, April 15, 2000

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Drainage Medians and the Stock Market

I needed to clean house this weekend and get ready for company but I also wanted to go for a walk, so I took the bus at eight in the morning to the other side of town and walked back about three miles. I got off the #34 bus at Broadway and Craycroft and window shopped through the upscale strip mall there. I did buy a cheese danish at the bakery but I didn't buy the napolean (to die for!).

I walked through Williams Center which is a rather nice office complex with all the nice flowers and fountains. I like office complexes like this because it's like being in a garden. I enjoy eating my lunch in them when I'm walking around town. Right beyond the offices was Barnes and Nobles where I did a little window shopping but no buying. I'm already way too far behind on my magazine reading.

I kept walking west on Broadway past "Long Wongs" wings and things which has mural entitled "Some Like it Hot" with the upblown dress and related scenes. I meant to stop at Abco at Swan to use the bathroom but it's closed. I never cared much for it as it was just too small and crowded but it's been there since I can remember. I crossed the street and made a pit stop at the Red Cross. Hey, I give enough blood. I just smiled sweetly at the check in lady and kept walking.

Just past the Red Cross building I turned left onto Venice Stravenue. I don't know if other cities have Stravenues but I think it sounds wrong. This is a quiet road through a residential area but down the middle is a grassy median, as wide as two lanes, without curbs that slopes slightly to the center. It's used as a storm drain when we have our heavy summer rains. In a couple blocks the street ended but the wide median just continued for another block between the houses till it came out at Holmes Street where it continued as the median on Desert Stravenue.

I turned left on Holmes for a very tiny block and north just a few yards on Belvedere and left into an alley. This was a nice, well kept alley with concrete block walls on both sides so I couldn't see much but I could smell the flowers and the orange blossoms. Very nice, and only a few dogs barked at me.

It came out on Columbus which I followed north, across 5th Street to 4th Street where I turned left and curved around till I saw Alvernon Park at Longfellow. This is a small neighborhood park that is on the 3rd Street bikeway so I used to stop and rest when I lived on the east side and rode my bike to work at 6th Street and Tucson.

There were a bunch of guys playing basketball and one kid who played at one end till they headed his way and then got out of their way till they moved toward the other basket. It seemed like more trouble than it was worth, but he seemed ok with it. It was cool sitting in the shade and felt good when I came out into the sun. There was a gorgeous palo verde covered with yellow blossoms that made it look like spun gold.

From the south Longfellow has another wide curbless median for drainage. The slight valley ran lengthwise through the park and continued on the north side as a median on Montezuma till 2nd Street where it turned into a concrete ditch and fed into a grate at 1st Street to keep Speedway, one of our main streets, from flooding. I made a quick left and right and was at Alvernon and Speedway. It was starting to warm up and I needed to get home so I caught the bus here. I had covered three miles in one and a half hours. This is the way I enjoy walking. A start and stop, see what's there, sit in a park for a few minutes kind of walk.

I went home to clean and listed to television while I did so. I am tired of hearing about the Elian Gonzales case and about the poor dear folk who lost money on the recent downturn. I just cannot get interested in the stock market. I want to be rich as much as the next person but I have never been able to see money as more than an abstraction. A necessity but not something that I can keep an interest in.

This is probably why I have a problem with my finances; they are always an afterthought. It's not that I don't worry about money; I've worried about money all my life, I just can't get a handle on it. I always worry about it when it's too late. Anyway, I can't feel too sorry for people who just lost $50,000 of the $200,000 they made on a stock in the last year.

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Walked - 3 miles

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