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Friday, April 14, 2000

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Arroyo Chico

I love watching the buses roll in and out of the transit center. I always think of dancing elephants. There's a certain panache that's necessary to drive a bus well. Not only are you maneuvering a huge vehicle through traffic but dealing with all types of people.

I have difficulty maneuvering a car as I don't have a good concept of size, so I admire the bus drivers. I don't know if a grasp of size and distance is something inate or something you learn, but I don't have it. If I know or am told a size or distance then I can grasp it, but if I don't know it I can't guess correctly.

I went to the Cox Cable when I left work at eleven to exchange my convertor box as they have gone digital. Since my tv is from before they even were cable ready I need the box to see anything. Cox is down on 15th, west of Campbell which is just south of Arroyo Chico. This is the same wash that runs just north of Reid Park. I decided to walk west along the wash s there is a paved path for a while. It was a nice walk with the yellow palo verde blooms showing against the purple of the Tucson Mountains in the distance.

There are quite a few homeless encampments in the wash, many of them quite elaborate. It runs through industrial and less expensive homes in the area, which is why they don't clean them out. It's also much closer to downtown and access to homeless services. There is one guy that has lived here for years and has had articles written about him.

The bike path ran out at highland and I wandered a little ways onthe other side, not sure how far I could get through, when I saw a pedestrian bridge that crossed to the intersection of 13th and Santa Rita. I usually cross the wash at Highland and hadn't realized there was a bridge. It's not new and I wondered why and when it had been built.

Arroyo Chico also curved a little more north and I walked near it toward Broadway. There is quite a bit of vegetation here and you can see the trails people have made. I started down one to see what the wash was like along this stretch and a huge dog came toward me barking and some guy was yelling at him to stop. I retraced my steps rapidly. Most of the homeless don't bother you as they don't want to be hassled but too many of them are mentally unstable for me to want to upset them. I'm always careful when taking pictures of their encampments to look around and make sure no one is around.

At Broadway I headed downtown and took some pictures of the murals they've put on the walls of the underpass. These are black and white pictures of people in downtown Tucson from the first part of the century. They look very cool. So many photos were received by the people that set up this project that they made a book out of them.

I was glad to sit down at the transit center. The new converter is heavier than the old one and my arm was tired and I was tired after my walk.

Oh the fun of hooking up a new converter box! It wasn't too bad because when I unhooked the old one I was very careful to lay the cords carefully so I could hook them up correctly, and I did. I think the picture is a little clearer, not that it will ever approach a great television picture. I spent most of the afternoon watching the food channel, which only made me hungry, and hoping there would be a decent movie on the free (for one month) premium movie channel. Nothing has grabbed my interest yet.

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4/13/00 - Biked - 7 miles
4/14/00 - Walked - 3 miles

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