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Wednesday, April 12, 2000

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Employee Recognition Picnic

I was rather depressed since I worked up a budget last night and found out, again, that I was spending more than I take in. My credit cards just mop it all up. It's not a lot, it seems at the time, but keeps adding up. Damn! Keeping track of finances is not my strong point. I was much better off when I had no credit cards since I couldn't use them. I think I'll have to start leaving them at home again.

We had the afternoon off to go to our annual employee recognition week picnic. It was very nice. There was plenty of food and not too much pressure to play games, especially sweaty ones. They even had vegie burgers and a nice salad. Well done job.

We had one group game based on the "Millionaire" television show, in which my group came in second but mainly we just talked and made up our own version of card and board games that were much less stressful. It was warm in the sun but cool in the shade and a very nice afternoon.

Afterwards I wandered around till I found new batteries for my cordless phone. The first three stores were out of the one I need but I finally found it. One problem I had was finding the right battery since I had not written down the phone model but only taken the old battery and none of the numbers on it matched the ones in the stores. Finally a kind salesperson showed me how to pick out the right battery. You only need a new battery every few years and it's so hard to know.

I just have a cheap basic cordless and the new battery cost about ten bucks, but I saw a new phone, which includes the battery, for just over twenty bucks. Don't you love our throw away society? What do you do when a new item isn't much more than replacing the battery in the old one and you can't get anything repaired anymore.

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4/11/00 - Biked - 3 miles
4/12/00 - Walked - 2 miles

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