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Saturday, April 8, 2000

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Rillito with Sierra

I've felt so depressed the last couple of days, then last night I was so exhausted and tired that I lay down at five in the evening and didn't get up till seven this morning. I didn't sleep straight through but dozed and tossed and turned.

I felt better this morning so I went to a walk the Sierra Club was having along the Rillito. There were nine of us and we walked under a sky that was cloudy, but also very dusty. We couldn't even see the mountains that weren't directly in front of us. I could feel the dust getting my throat. The lack of sun kept the temperatures cooler.

We stopped at St Philips Plaza to have an early lunch. It was a rather upscale place but the food was good. I just had an expensive salad as I'm trying to eat vegan but it did have cheese on it. The people were also rather upscale. Three (Three!) were lawyers and one was an engineer. One lawyer told us how she got fired from her judge job because she was too nice to speeders. I must say that since I'm a pedestrian, I wasn't too sympathetic, though they were rather tacky about how they fired her.

What I found interesting was this was a group of environmentalists and they all felt it was tacky to not be nice to speeders. Now how they going to stop sprawl and get people less dependent on their cars, when they not only all have a car but consider it to be their right to drive however they want while in it? Most of them are also very into gun control. When the issue of making the manufacturer pay the social costs (medical care, etc) of guns, I mentioned that if we made car manufacturers include the social costs of car ownership, no would be able to afford a car. They just pretty much ignored that and went back to how to ban guns.

The walk back was much warmer as the sun had come out and we walked down in the wash which is much harder than walking along the path. I usually see it from the path so this was interesting and we all need a little extra effort sometimes. By the time we got back to Tucson Mall, our start point, I didn't feel too good and went inside to cool off and ended up in the bathroom with diarrhea.

I then went to get bread and, rather than waiting 45 minutes for a bus, walked home, and arrived very tired and with a headache. I've been spending a lot of time in the bathroom since then and feel crappy. I hope it's not my flu or whatever coming back. I'm also wondering if the heavy feeling weather coming in, hot and humid with lots of dust, isn't part of the reason I'm not feeling well. I do not handle heat well, but it doesn't seem like it's warm enough to bother me this much.

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4/7/00 - Walked - 2 miles
4/8/00 - Walked - 4.5 miles

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