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Wednesday, April 5, 2000

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Rush and Rembrandt

Rush was on a roll about the good old days today. He doesn't want to go back to the technology of yesteryear but he does idealize the cultural values. He spent time talking about how safe he was in Cape Girardeau, Mo and how his parents didn't worry about him being hurt. Probably not, but kids that lived in large cities, or were the children of african american sharecroppers in the south or the children of migrant workers didn't have it so lucky.

I can remember running free in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas when I was in grade school, but I wouldn't have been as free if I were black. There were no blacks there as they wouldn't have lived long.

I loved roaming the mountains of Mexico with my brothers but the indian children were usually helping support their families by late grade school and I often saw little seven or eight year old girls who had charge of their younger siblings as the parents both had to work the fields to have enough to eat . In Mexico City my brothers and I wandered the city safely, but most Mexican kids of our age were working for a living, often by begging or in filthy, unsafe conditions.

Even now there is a thriving slave trade, according to the CIA, that brings in children as servants and prostitutes. I didn't have to worry about that when I was growing up or for my children, but there are children who do have to deal with this, though not for very long as their lives too often don't last very long.

We have lost much of the community feeling that we had in the 50s but those communities also covered up child abuse and spouse abuse and lynchings, in fact lynchings were often a community festival. Too much brutality was tolerated as it was against "them" and there were too many people who were "them". No Rush. I agree with you sometimes but I can't agree that the values and principles were any better 50 years ago.

Damn, now we have fire chief's wives patting little Elian on the head. What is he? A tourist stop? The poor little kid needs to be outside of the fray and allowed to live as normal a life as possible. I mutter to myself at work as I'm usually listening to Rush or the news. I tried books on tape and I listen to music sometimes but neither keeps my interest. The books on tape I either pay too much attention to and forget to work or I work and miss half the book. Some people can listen to them with half their mind but not me. Rush I can listen to with half my mind. He tends to repeat himself quite a bit.

I went to a UA Art History Graduate Student Lecture at the art museum at noon. The subject was "The Secular and Sacred Family in Rembrandt's 'Rest on the Flight into Egypt'". Aileen Bell did a good lecture, in only thirty minutes, on how the iconography of Mary and the Christ Child changed as the religion changed from Catholic to Protestant. She showed us a series of pictures and etchings that went from the highly stylized pictures with halos that excluded Joseph to pictures of the three as a human family group. It was very interesting.

I love art museums but I always feel so ignorant. I've tried to read up on art but it's such a large field that I give up in despair. It's just one more area that I would love to more about but I would need another life to learn very much. There are so many areas that I wish I were more knowledgeable about, history, art, music, literature, travel, roads,

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