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Saturday, April 1, 2000

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Elian and ennui

I am so tired of people (Janet Reno and Clinton mainly) telling us to not bring politics into the Elian Gonzalez case. Politics have been involved since he was found floating in the ocean. Politics are an integral part of the case. Politics are why the administration has never really looked at whether his father is really the best person to have him. Politics are why the opposition automatically assumes that his family in Miami are the best choice as caretakers. It's so sad.

This is similar to politicians calling for bipartisanship. What they all mean, both sides, is that everyone should be nice and do it their way. Democrats are guiltier at this. Republicans just don't figure that democrats would ever be bipartisan, and they are probably right. Of course, the republicans aren't too good at bipartisanship either, just a little more honest about it. They were elected because of what they believe, or say they believe. Why would they jeopardize that just to be nice? Sure, sometimes a politician changes their mind, but that's different than voting against what you believe just to be nice.

I felt a little at a loss today. I went to the mall today to look for a couple things and was unable to make up my mind about anything except that I needed some new panties. I basically wasted several hours trying to decide. I did notice that there is a lot of orange out there this year, which I like, but I still couldn't make up my mind.

One thing I did find is a foot massager. It's a little bumpy roller and you just roll your feet back and forth over it. It's great! My feet always hurt at the end of the day. It helps if I massage them but that is hard to do well. It doesn't have anything to do with the shoes I'm wearing as my feet hurt with all my shoes. If I don't walk much they don't hurt, so it's just the pounding that causes it. It seems to have gotten worse since I gained weight so I figure part of it is that extra weight that they are holding up. I hope that if I lose weight they will start feeling better.

Finally I came back home and rode my bike up the the supermarket where I'm much better at making up my mind. I just didn't care enough about anything to make a choice. I'm trying to eat vegan right now in an effort to feel better as I do feel better when I cut out animal products. I also don't approve of how food animals are raised and killed so that helps though I don't go so far as to say we are all one big happy family. Animals are a different species and they are more than willing to kill each other for food.

Eating vegan does require much more cooking than I normally do, but I figure I should save money in the long run. I read labels just to catch the basic animal products but I don't go into detail like a true blue animal activist would do. They object to most beers and wines also as they are filtered through bone char and stuff like that, but I figure that is just too much to get into. I just want to get rid of butter and eggs and fattening stuff like that. Even though I love olive oil, I'll never eat as much of it as I do of butter, which is a true love of mine. I have never found a margarine that was even close so don't use much even if I have it.

As I write I am eating yummy Curried Veggies and Rice. Yesterday I chunked (about 1/2 cubes) 2 small potatoes, 2 large carrots and started them simmering in store bought curry sauce. I then chunked half an onion and 1 zucchini and added them when the potatoes and carrots started getting soft, about 15 minutes. I simmered them another 10 minutes and then put it all in the refrig overnight so the flavors could sink in. Today I just put half of it (2 cups) over a cup of cooked rice and nuked it. It's better with a homemade curry sauce but this comes very close and is so easy. The hardest part is making it a day ahead.

I've loved curry since I was a kid. My mother used to make curry and lamb quite often. I think this is from her British upbringing and the British seemed to adopt the curry they found in India and eastern countries when the sun never set on their empire. My mother made a sweeter curry than I find in most restaurants and she put raisins in it. Oh, so good. I still prefer a sweeter curry but enjoy the savoury ones also. I just like any kind of curry.

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