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Friday, March 31, 2000

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I found out this morning that yesterday afternoon a security guard found a sealed vial on the University of Arizona campus that was labeled "Ebola". They evacuated the buildings near it but not us. I heard about it when I got to work this morning. We miss all the fun! None of the statements will even mention the word "Ebola" though the student newspaper and early reports did. All anyone will say now is that it could be a Class 4 biological threat, which is the highest level.

We're a major research university so there's always something that someone objects to. When my daughter worked at Steward Observatory they got the people protesting against the telescopes on Mt Graham. A couple of times they had to lock the doors. Lisa thought it added some excitement to the day.

We've had animal rights activists hit some of the labs, though I'm not sure what kind of research they use animals for. Recently we've had protests because of Nike sponsorship. Evidently the protesters objected to the shoes being made by cheap overseas labor, slave labor it was called. I don't know much about that either. I don't approve of bad labor conditions, but it's hard to know what issue to spend ones anger on.

The University of Nebraska has people protesting against them using fetal tissue from abortions, so it comes from both ends of the spectrum. I personally don't care for either abortion or unnecessary animal research (which is most of it, if not nearly all of it), but I'm not into protesting. I keep thinking of the other side of an issue and feel bad about the people I'm protesting against. I like to just protest with my lifestyle, or whatever, though that can be a real cop out.

My father came by this afternoon since he was in town trying to get some pictures scanned of my mother. He needed pictures of all sizes to be scanned to one size so he could put them on a page. We found pictures of my mom from two years old up to the 1990s. Since I don't have a printer, we went up to Walmart and the lady helped scan them in. She was very patient and Dad ended up with some nice pictures.

He is really busy getting the Memorial Service organized. I wish it wasn't so far away, April 20th, so that he would quit trying so hard. He keeps worrying about the details of this and that but I worry that when he has nothing left to plan, Mom's death will hit him. They may not have had the perfect marriage but they were together for 58 years and he did love her.

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