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Saturday, March 25, 2000

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Bike Fest and Peta

I put a lot of miles on my bike today. It's nearly 8:00 PM and I feel full of energy. I guess all that riding blew the cobwebs out of my brain. I've noticed that I often have more energy and feel happier when I have more things to do.

Bike Fest started today. This is two weeks of bike events put on by Pima County. The first one was a bike ride to see some of the improvements in the bike paths and some improvements they are hoping for. Eleven people showed up and we went on a 7 mile ride around northern Tucson. I always worry about bike rides as I'm sure I'll be the only one without a complete lycra outfit in loud colors. This group was a more laid back and diversely dressed.

We met at the Rillito and Campbell then rode west on the River Park to Mountain where we took the bike bridge across and rode up Mountain to Glenn. We went east on Glenn to Treat where we turned north for a quick pit stop at the little park and then wound our way around Winterhaven to the Racquet Club. We boldly rode through their parking lot, though I don't think they are too thrilled about this, to take a look at some of the new bridges that are being installed.

It was a quick ride back to our start point and a snack of bananas, bagels and juice. Our leader was very good about answering questions and commiserating with our complaining. We do have one of the best bike cities in the country but there are still too many gaps and everyone has their favorite wish list.

I ran a couple errands and then it was back home for lunch. The day was so beautiful that I didn't want to stay inside and soon headed up to the mall and a couple other places. Shopping was an excuse, I just wanted to be outside.

Mid afternoon I headed into town to attend the VRGT (Vegetarian Resource Group of Tucson) and listen to a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) speaker. I keep trying to be a vegetarian and I saw a notice about a "Pasta and PETA" meeting for everyone. The PETA representative gave a good talk about how animals are treated. I've heard all this before but it's still hard to give up animal products. They are such a part of our life and our comfort food. I just push how the meat was obtained to the back of my mind.

The food was your basic pasta with tomato sauce and salad and bread. It was good food but hardly exciting. I must say that the people were all much thinner than your average group and all the health benefits are on the side of a vegetarian diet. When I do eat vegetarian I feel better and lighter but I never stick with it for very long. It also appeals to me because it's cleaner and my kitchen stays cleaner. I'm always out for a way to easier housekeeping.

By the time the talk and then dinner were over the sun was slidding behind the Tucson Mountains but it was a good ride home. The routes from the meeting place to my place was several miles but it follows the best bike routes in town, with fairly good lighting so I whipped along enjoying the cool that started as soon as the sun disappeared. Give me an hour and I'll be more than ready for a good night's sleep.

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Biked - 28.5 mile

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