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Friday, March 24, 2000

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4th Avenue Street Fair

Another beautiful day. It was in the low 40s/high 30s this morning and up in the 80s in the afternoon. It was warm. After getting off work at 11:00 I walked over to the 4th Avenue Street Fair for lunch. I walked the entire stretch and was heading back up the other side before I finally decided on a gyro and beer with sugared almonds for dessert. There were so many things to eat and they are nearly all loaded with sugar and fat. Yummy!

There were also so many beautiful things to buy and I didn't buy anything. I haven't felt acquisitive lately. I can remember just yearning to buy all those beautiful things, but now they don't really grab me. I think it's because I used to not have many beautiful things but now I have nice pictures and knickknacks and don't have room for much.

I take that back, I did buy a hair holder, one of those leather ones that a stick of wood goes through. I had a bunch but gave them away when I cut my hair and now I growing my hair out again and need one. Wouldn't you know! This one caught my eye because it has oak leaves on it. I immediately thought of walking through deciduous woods with the sun shining through the trees and everything chaotic and interesting.

What I usually spend my money on now is practical things like a good chair or a new vacuum, or travel and reading material. I still spend too much but at least I don't spend $150.00 for a lovely handmade bowl and they are lovely and worth every penny that they go for. I looked at a couple hats as I'm always looking for a good hat but they either didn't fit right or weren't the right color. I buy hats to walk in and keep the sun off not fashionable hats, but I don't see why I can't get a good color and fit.

It was nice to get away from the noise of the fair. The day was nice enough that I detoured via bus and foot for a bread run and finally got home. I was tired. I've been tired all week and while I was perky and full of energy this morning it just didn't last. After not being able to concentrate on what I was reading, I took a nap and then felt better though I think I'm going to bed early.

It irritates me that I can't shake this tiredness. I even started eating more than my diet allows, though trying to stay reasonably healthy (except for that gyro today) and I've been sleeping longer than normal. Life changes really do affect us more than we think.

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Walked - 5.5 mile

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