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Thursday, March 23, 2000

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US Census and life without Mom

I've been counted. I filled out my census form today. I came home to find it in a plastic bag on my doorknob. It had been sent to my "old" address, before they changed all our apartment numbers. Evidently the US Government wasn't told. It had been returned by the post office, even though the post office knows about our apartment number changes. There was a letter with it that this needed to be filled out immediately so that the Census Bureau would receive it by April 1st.

The question is, if they can't even get it to me correctly, even though the apartment numbers have been changed for almost a year now, can they count it correctly? I didn't have a problem filling it out, even though I've heard people complaining about having to answer all the questions. I didn't find any of the questions too invasive. The gov already has everything that was asked for. I can see how someone who does not want anyone to know where they are would be a little leary. It's not like no one in the government ever lied.

I worry because everything seems the same and I think that it shouldn't. While I'm sorry Mom's dead, I've had to, in a sense, live without her for the last five years. I've really lived without her for most of my life as I was sent away to school when I was six. I think this hurt her as much as it hurt my brothers and I. She tried to be a "normal" mom when we were around but wasn't any better at it than I am. She loved us very much, just as I love my kids but neither of us are very good at being the Better Homes & Gardens cookie baking mom.

She was a very bright creative person, but tried to fit in the proper submissive Christian woman mold, at which she sucked. Because of this she retreated into a world of her own for much of the last years she was at home. She would have been one hell of a feminist, and in many ways was but she couldn't let go of the labels she had grown up with. I owe so much to her as she, in a sense, gave me permission to look for more than she had, but she couldn't really grab it for herself.

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