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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

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Left keys!

I had a good walk to work today. It's starting to be just a bit lighter now and the sky is getting that eggshell look by the time I reach work. I've been feeling very perky the last few days. Part of it, I think, is that I don't have much planned and can just lay back and enjoy life. I'm thinking I may take several short trips this year, with one slightly longer one in the late fall. I need to save money and I just want to relax a lot.

On the way home there was a problem with the wheelchair lift and the bus had to wait for a maintenance person to get there. Since it would be fifteen minutes till the next bus, I ran into the supermarket to pick up some eggs. I came out, got on the next bus and was just about to get off at my stop when I realized that I had left my keys at the store. I had handed them over to the checker so she could run my store card under the scanner and then I left them sitting on the counter while I got out my money. My heart sank. It's at times like this that I wonder if I'm getting senile.

Now if I had a car I would have realized this when I got to my car but when you don't drive you can be home before it hits. I've left my keys at work before and been home before I realized. I was lucky to have keys as the doors at work are locked at 5:00 PM. You can get out but not in.

Now we are using cards to get in instead of a key but I'm not sure what time they are keyed for. They've set up times each of us can access the building and, for people who can get in after hours and on weekends, they can only open the elevator doors on the floor they are authorized for. It's a pain but there are so many people wandering around campus and there's been a problem with people stealing computers. Actually they just took out the innards and it wasn't till someone used the computer that they realized there was a problem. There is also the problem that we aren't allowed to lock up each floor as people have to be able to get out in case of a fire.

Luckily I had made extra keys when I nearly lost them a few weeks ago. I got my bike and rode back to the store and luckily they had my keys. What a sigh of relief. I had no id on the keys but you still worry that someone might know where you live. At least I had a nice bike ride at a beautiful time of the night. It's been warm and the air was just cooling off, so I enjoyed myself, especially on the way back when I was going downhill.

It's still warm enough that I have the door open and the fan on. Since I have no airflow my place gets warm quickly. We got up to 82 degrees today and the rest of the week is the same. I even took my coat off while walking to work. It seems cold when I start but when it's 47 degrees outside you don't need a heavy coat. I think I'll just try my light coat and wear a knit cap tomorrow morning.

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