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Sunday March 12, 2000

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Around town

I rode over to see my mother this morning. She was lying in bed asleep. I talked to her but there was no response. They try to wake her up a few times each day and feed her but there is less and less response. I started to cry because I knew that she might never open her eyes and look at me again.

After I left the nursing home, it was such a great day that I rode east on the Rillito river walk. It felt good to ride in the cool morning and see the sun shining. I still felt like crying but riding helped. They are working on this stretch also. A couple roofs have been put up. I don't know if they are for tables or bathrooms. Both would be nice.

I rode south on Craycroft, past Fort Lowell Park (they've taken down a shelter) then east to pick up some bananas and deodorant. I took a shower this morning, but forgot to put on deodorant. That's another thing I forget to do and I've done that for years. It's one of those things you need to do, like brushing your teeth but there are more interesting things to think about. I keep deodorant at work along with my toothbrush.

I rode down to Reid Park to eat lunch. I came in from the east and ran into all the traffic for a golf tournament. Even the people who go to watch golf tournaments look perky. They all have neat shorts with actual creases. They also all drive cars, two by two, so there was no parking for a quarter of a mile and I couldn't get across Alvernon and had to go to 22nd and enter Reid Park that way.

There was quite a crowd there thanks to the nice weather. I ate lunch by the lake and watched everyone come by. One lady was there with her albino Burnese python. He was about six feet long or a little longer, white with yellow markings. He looked very cool but if he weren't moving he would look fake. He collected quite a crowd and the kids, and some not so kids, enjoyed stroking him.

I then rode south to the Aviation bikeway and headed northwest toward downtown. I actually passed three bicyclists and one pedestrian which is the first time I've met anyone on it. Maybe people are starting to use it. I don't like it as much as some of the other bike paths because much of it is through walls on both sides which spook me a little. I feel like I can't escape and the gang grafitti on the walls doesn't help. They do keep the signs pained over but I feel a little locked in.

It swoops into the warehouse area southeast of downtown which is slowly being turned into brightly painted furniture stores and cute little restaurants. It seems to be mainly Mexican furniture which is massive. It's rather nicely done. I hope they don't upscale it too much. It's just about right as it is.

I rode on down the the Food Conspiracy Coop and picked up some food. As usual I spent too much because it does cost more but they have some good stuff and I feel guilty about not being ecological enough. It's so stupid since I have TV dinners in the freezer and I know I'm going to buy more of them.

I felt better when I got home. I just feel like I never had a chance to say goodbye to my mother and I want to tell her how much I care for her. I do tell her but I don't feel like she hears. It was good to see life going on today and watching people go on with their lives.

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Biked 22 miles

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