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Tuesday, March 7, 2000

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We didn't get hit with bad weather yesterday but today the front caught up with us. There were dark clouds as we drove through Albuquerque before 7:00 in the morning. There was that wonderful color that you get as the sun shines under the low clouds early in the morning giving everything a golden glow against the dark clouds.

Soon after Albuquerque it started raining and continued off and on for the rest of the way, with a few short breaks for sleet. It never lasted long and the driving was good. I zipped along passing everyone. I'm sure the speedometer is off on the car as I was going 75 and passing everyone and I know everyone else isn't going under the speed limit. It had been this way since the first day so I tried to just stay with the not quite fastest cars figuring I would be safe.

We watched the sun and shadows dance across the southwest landscape and the rain sweep across the desert. It was very beautiful and changed minute by minute, with rain showers hitting us every little bit to give us a change of pace.

A couple McDonalds and several gas stops later we reached Tucson in the early afternoon. Dad dropped me off and I lugged all my stuff into my apartment and scratched my cat behind her ears. She didn't even snub me this time like she does usually when I'm gone. She even curled up at my feet while I was reading my email.

I had over a hundred and fifty emails as a few lists I was on had generated quite a bit of mail. It's so frustrating to be away for a few days when people on the list get on a rampage as I come back to so many messages that aren't really interesting unless you are in the heat of the fray.

It was nice to take a shower in my shower and go to sleep in my bed. There is something so comforting to have a bed to come back to. I think that would be the hardest thing about being homeless, not have a bed to come back to.

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