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Monday, March 6, 2000

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Heading Back

We left Kearney this morning under clear blue skies, hoping that we could beat the front coming in from the west. We reversed our route through the very flat Platte River valley, but started into more hilly country in a couple hours. Driving through the plains is very relaxing. I enjoy looking at the neat, well maintained fields and farms, but I know I wouldn't want to live on a farm.

Dad drove a couple hours but his hip hurt too bad so I drove the rest of the way. We reversed our route back through Denver and headed south. The weather stayed good even though the front was suppose to be coming in. I enjoyed the driving but missed not being able to doze and read and write like when I'm on the bus.

Dad dozed quite a bit. He also needs to wear his hearing aid but won't because it has static. I told him he needed to get another but he hates to while he has a hearing aid already, but he doesn't wear it. He also needs new glasses and hasn't seen the doctor in over a year. He just treats himself, which worries me. He seems to be more frail and I would like a doctor keeping an eye on him. He certainly doesn't need to be going on any road trips by himself, like he wants to.

It was interesting to see the high country from both directions. It always looks a different from a different direction. It is such a large place. It seems to go on for ever and ever. It's places like these that make me want to believe that we will never run out of open spaces, but I know that's not true. I'm glad we still have places like this even if it's only because there isn't much that can be done with them. It's so beautiful as it stretches out till it meets the mountains in the distance.

We stopped at a Super 8 north of Albuquerque and Dad kept saying that he hadn't stayed in a "tourist court" since he could remember. He always stays with Wycliffe Associate people. I think he wanted to stay with them tonight also but I didn't as you have to carry on a polite conversation and I really was tired of polite conversation after the wedding, even though I enjoyed it.

I love motels. How can you hate a place that keeps bringing you clean towels and where you don't have to clean up. It's nice to just kick back, watch television and relax. We had separate rooms so I enjoyed just taking my time after a long drive.

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