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Thursday, March 2, 2000

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Through Nebraska

I slept good last night and was ready to go today but first Dad and Diane went to get a new tire. This didn't take long and soon we were off. We went south on CO-287 to CO-52 which we took east to I-76. This took us through some well cared for farm land. Even in Longmont there was quite a bit of nice farmland which I was surprised at considering the price of land in the Denver area.

Before we reached I-76 it started to snow with large wet flakes. The car rode well in it and I was so excited to see it snow. It snowed till we had been on I-76 for half an hour and then rained the rest of the way. US-6 joined us till Brush and US-34 from Wiggins to Brush. There was some construction, but there were no real delays, which is unusual for any long car trip.

We entered Nebraska on I-76 and then joined I-80. We followed the Platte River most of the way and could see the line of trees in the distance and occasionally the river itself. The interstate and the river follow the route of the Oregon Trail and I spent time thinking about what it would have been like to walk for days through this flat seemingly never ending country.

This is still arid country and the irrigators sat in fields like huge bugs. Where there weren't irrigated fields the land was covered with scrub and dry grass. There was also some cattle ranching. It is so flat since we are traveling along the wide river valley. There are some small hills in the distance but most of the way it is just very, very flat.

I drove most of the way today as Dad's hip hurt when he drove too long. My leg started to aching a little as I've driven so little in the last couple years, but we were in an 84 Olds Cutlass with adjustable seats so I just moved the seat around to keep from stiffening up. The cruise control no longer works and pressing on the gas pedal for that long is uncomfortable.

It was good to get to Kearney and see Rick and meet my soon to be sister-in-law Betty. She seems like a great person and we spent the evening meeting some of her friends. I was staying with one couple, along with Rick and his daugher, who made us feel supremely at home.

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